The War for Bohemia

by Raven Underground

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released March 2, 2013



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Raven Underground Brighton, UK

Raven Underground is the solo project and current obsession of Brighton musician Tom Rhys. Looking to take on a slightly more mellow sound, the music of Raven Underground is a mix of mellow guitar lines and electronic synths and beats. Tom is the writer, performer, producer and engineer on all tracks. ... more

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Track Name: Sounds Like Home
He said it better than anyone
I hope you find me, and get it done.

That's the sound of home,
You're making us proud,
And today you know, you're on your own.

Sit tight,
I'm sure we've all seen better times
Short life,
Oh how I've wasted this world of mine

That's the sound of home,
You're breaking us down,
And today you know you're on your own.
Track Name: Summerhead
Time will never change what you know
The more you think about it,
The more you fight alone
Hours in a rage makes you slow;
Is everything forgiven now you're getting old?

Bitter in the light, 'cos it's all I see.
The more you think about it,
The more it sets you free.
Come along tonight, enemy;
All will be forgiven, and you'll know me.

And in my youth,
I'll be forever calling to you.
The summerhead never learns
And I, I'm sure I did my time;
I don't miss my home I let it die.
And oh, the years go by,
You'll be fine.

Did a family break?
Am I the only one
To turn his head to the morning,
And turn his back to the sun?
Are you tired of growing?
'Cos I think I'm done
Another wound to my head
'Gonna wake you up.
Track Name: Terror Nights
I felt the heat burn up the road;
And where it lead I wouldn't know.
We have no fear we're fully grown.
Been a long year, I'll see you back home.

They said we're all as good as dead,
And all we know is at an end.
In time, we'll sell our souls to them;
Never the same when I see you again

Down here, we just sit around
My fears are dying out

You got some wars to fight;
Tear up the sky.
No, they don't define what I am.

Heavy on your mind
On terror nights.
No, they don't define what I am.

I tore the tumour off my back,
I said goodbye to brother cat;
I'll keep some order in the pack.
I'll keep some order here.

And Evil will die in the day
Where'd you go? it's not the same.
Track Name: Just You, Me and the Old Hag
The good world is a liar
And I eat it up every time.
It said don't worry about my father;
His blood don't run as thick as mine.
There's motion on my body
Singing ladada
When I'm broken and she's on me
I know it's all night.

Well I was shaken awake again, Oh my god.
And I'm sweating up the world, here she comes.
And I know the memory, but not where you are,
Said I'm lying still, I'm lying still

To my accuser, I owe nothing to you.
Slow wind is ruining my day.
Sever the future, and die with bruises;
I know mine are clearing up already.
Track Name: Raven Year Part I
Well how come we don't see the sun?
My skin is turning white;
And how come they're cracking a smile at you,
When all you say is right?

Asleep in the back of my car, I know
That all the world is danger.
Wait 'til they know who you are, they'll say
That they're the ones who made you.

The day is near,
The time is low;
We'll sigh together, and let everybody know.
The Raven Year
Will come and go,
And when it won't get better,
Then I'll bury it alone.

Well nobody heard what I said,
And now they don't believe.

_h _o_ t__y _ish __ry we_r _e_d _n_ no_
The__e s__n_i__ f__m t_e t__es
Track Name: I was a Wave
I was a wave curling up,
Man, what were you thinking of?
I don't owe love to anyone.

Rise up, the sun will take you on,
and no one will know when you're gone;
You wake up
And roll in
You wake up
And roll in

I heard you sighing like the dead;
The new world had gone to your head
Didn't think fast like you should've

Said I'm a dead weight on your life
'cos I'm there and I just wouldn't die
Well guess what?

I feel my heart slowing down
'cos I feel the ocean call and
Today I drown

Hey, did the newcomers take your place?
Oh no.
Fucking each other like nothing's changed
Oh no.

I couldn't breathe, backwater slums;
No looking back, that time is gone
You feel the world rattling on, rattling on
I wasn't safe, there in your love
This world is cruel, they want your blood
I don't believe we'll ever be done.
Track Name: (For A New Day)
This song's lyrics aren't worth reading
Track Name: Sunset Chaos
When everyone is wounded,
Every head is counted
I said I'll be done.
Throwing out a new ray, calling you to wake up
And fight for your love.

It's a roll in a tomb;
I swear no one knew,
With walls to keep out the fear.
It's a roll in a head, to bring the day to an end
Resolve to fight off the years.

My time ain't yours to give away,
Long winter, are you coming back already?

Heavy is the raven
Right upon your shoulder, barreling down.
Longing is the hunger, I heard you died a loner
Easy way out.
I was broken in two, cut off at the roots to rise above all the dead.
As soon as you know, it sits on your bones
And sings in the back of your head.

My time ain't yours to give away.
Long winter, are you coming back already?